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Is the HCG Spray+® cure the same as all the other HCG cures?

As all the other HCG cures, the HCG Spray+® also is a new, improved, hormone-free version of the classic HCG diet. Further, it works according to the theories and guide lines of the classic HCG diet.

Do I need a recipe to be able to order?

No, HCG Spray+® is not a medicine. Therefore you do not need a recipe.

What is the delivery period of HCG Spray+®?

After we receive your payment you will receive your delivery within 5 work days (for delivery within the Netherlands). Worldwide delivery takes place within about 10 work days.

Are there side effects that come with the use of HCG Spray+®?

No, no side effects are known from using HCG Spray+®.

Can I prolong the HCG Spray+®?

When more weight loss is necessary, you can choose to follow 2 cures successively.
We recommend against following more than 2 cures directly after each other, since one can then develop immunity for the HCG Spray+® solution. A third (and possibly subsequent fourth) cure can be followed after a resting period of 6 weeks.

I have already reached my target weight, can I stop the HCG Spray+® cure?

If you’ve already reached your intended weight before the end of the cure you can increase the daily number of calories you take in. You do have to continue taking the HCG Spray+® solution and eat only food that is part of the diet.
If you stop the HCG Spray+® solution early, you will have more chance of regaining the lost weight.

Why does the HCG Spray+ fluid contain Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) provides the intake of iron by the body and is involved in the creation of red blood cells. A shortage of this vitamin can lead to anaemia. Vitamin B12 also provides a good working action of the nerve system and is involved in the amino acid metabolism. Intake of vitamin B12 improves the memory and concentration, gives more energy and protects against allergens and poisonous elements.

Why is it useful to (keep) eating fat during the first 2 weeks of the diet phase?

This is meant to stimulate the metabolism.

Why do you immediately have to wash your hands after you have touched the fat of, for example, a chicken?

Fats can be absorbed into the body through the skin and this slows down the breakdown of fat that is stored in the body.

Why am I not allowed to use a normal day cream during the use of the HCG Spray+ solution?

Day cream usually contains fat. If during the cure you apply fat to your skin, this slows down the breakdown of fat that is stored in your body. A good alternative is Vaseline or Aloe Vera.

I am still hungry during the diet phase of the HCG Spray+ cure. What should I do?

During the first week you can still be hungry. This happens to those whose fat breakdown is still stagnating. As soon as the fat breakdown begins, the hunger will decrease. So hang in there, drink enough (water) and possibly take an extra apple. Further, make sure you get some distraction, enough exercise and fresh air.

I’m experiencing headaches, light-headedness, shaky knees, trembling and sweating. What can I do about this?

  1. These things can occur especially at the beginning of the HCG Spray+ cure. They are caused by: a blood sugar level that is too low. The body breaks down the glycogen a bit too slowly whereby the blood sugar level isn’t added in time. Help your body by making a good division of the diet over the day. If this is not sufficient you can temporarily take an extra slice of roast beef, a breadstick or eat an apple. We also advice to drink Crystal Clear next to water. A balanced division of the diet is necessary to avoid the chance of a low blood sugar level. If your carbohydrate metabolism is unstable, make sure you always carry an apple or a breadstick with you.
  2. Headaches especially occur as a result of waste products not being broken down by the liver fast enough. In this case we advise you to eat artichokes, drink lemon balm tea or take an aspirin. The complaints will then usually disappear fast.

I am experiencing constipation. What can I do about this?

During the treatment, constipation sometimes occurs. It often helps to drink more. Eating more leafy vegetables can also decrease the constipation. In average you will have less defecation during the HCG Spray+ cure; once every 3 days is normal.

My weight is not decreasing any further. I might be retaining water.

During the so-called "plateau phase" (often halfway through the treatment) you will not or hardly lose any weight during a couple of days. This happens a lot and is nothing for you to worry about. Often you have lost more weight than expected before this, or things will go faster after this plateau. During this plateau you often retain more water.
PAY ATTENTION: We strongly recommend against drinking less. It is useless and can even be harmful!

I have a thyroid disorder, can I still follow the HCG Spray+ cure?

There are different types of thyroid disorders, but having this disorder in itself is no reason not to be able to follow the HCG Spray+ cure. It is possible that you lose slightly less weight than a user without this disorder.

I have diabetes, type 2 diabetes, am I allowed to follow the HCG Spray+ cure?

The HCG Spray+ cure can also be followed by people with type 2 diabetes. You will however – in consultation with your attending physician – have to adjust your insulin dosage since you are not taking in any fat and carbohydrates during the cure.